Sunday, 2 February 2014

FREE: 2014 calendar

I know we're already over a month into 2014, but I've only needed a full year calendar recently (planning revision for exams and mocks). I thought some of you guys might find a free copy of a 2014 calendar useful as well. If you click HERE, you should be able to download it for yourselves. I've also marked when there'll be a full moon (because why not?). 

This is what the calendar I've made looks like:

I've tried to make it as plane and simple as possible, so that you can add whatever memos you need to without getting the page all cluttered up. You could paperclip the months together, like I have, or stick them up on your wall, whatever you fancy.
Again, link HERE to download this 2014 calendar.


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Sunday, 26 January 2014

LIFE: 3 Month Catch Up

Okay so what's happened in my life over the three months that I've been away for?

1) Most of my university stuff is done with now. I have form uni left to hear back from, but I pretty much know what I'm going to put down as my first choice. Of course, I now have the daunting task of actually achieving the grades that are in my offer.

2) School is still busy, even with the university stuff mostly out of the way. I have mocks in just over a week (AHHHHHH) so I'll probably be busy over the next two weeks (if I don't procrastinate, that is).

3) I turned 18! To be honest, being 18 hasn't changed anything that much, but it's nice being able to say I'm 18 and being able to do pretty much anything legally (not that I was doing anything illegally before). I had a couple of friends around for dinner on my 18th and I have some video clips, which maybe I'll get round to making another video.

4) I've been doing a load of shopping, blaming mostly the sales and also having birthday money. I'm planning on putting up a haul, as my next post, if I can find time between revision and school, and also if I can find everything that I've bought. I've been shopping since just before christmas, so my purchases have kinda been piling up....

5) My hair. It's currently a weird sort of light pink. I've bleached it to an ashy blonde and dyed over it with semi permanent lilac dye myself (mixing pink and blue dye with conditioner) which keeps fading to pink and now orange as I wash my hair more and more. I can do a more in depth post if anyone's interested. I'm planning on going back to a lighter blonde soon and touch up my roots.

Me on the left. My hair's a bit more orange-y than that though

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Saturday, 18 January 2014

EBAY: clearing out my wardrobe

Okay okay, so it's been a while since I've blogged. Over 3 months... oops. I've had a request on my tumblr to start up blogging again, so I thought I'd ease myself back into the swing of things with a wardrobe clearout. I've realised half the clothes that I own, I don't actually like. So I'm selling them on ebay (link HERE). I already have a couple items up but there are a lot more to come (I have about 30 pieces to sell in total).

Here's a couple of photos of what's up on my ebay at the moment:

As I've said, there's more to come so make sure to check out my ebay listings every now and again.

My next post will probably be a life update- a lot of things have happened over the course of 3 months.


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Saturday, 5 October 2013

LIFE: Carrie's 18th

I finally managed to put together a video of Carrie's 18th birthday party. We had sushi, cake and cocktails and it was a fun night hanging out with friends. Here are also some photos I edited:

*the video was definitely not this shaky when I was editing it, don't know what happened - sorry


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Sunday, 29 September 2013

DIY: Personalised Notebook

1.       Clear file and tape / sticky back plastic
2.       Magazine cut out(s)
3.       Glue
4.       Scissors
5.       Notebook

Stick your cut out(s) onto the cover of your notebook with glue. 
I like to use old magazines but you could also print out some photos or pictures. I've only used one cut out here, because I’m lazy, but feel free to fill up the cover if you want. Whatever floats your boat.

Trace your notebook onto the sticky back plastic. 
didn't have any so I used a clear file pocket, which isn't as good but it get’s the job done. Add an inch and trace the shape shown above.

Cut out the stick back plastic / file.
If possible, try to score the lines outlining the notebook (this makes it easier to cover later).

If you’re using sticky back plastic, take off the backing and stick to the cover.
If you’re using a file, tape the edges on the inside of the cover, as shown above.
(not really sure why there are scissors in the photo, ignore those)
The clear cover should protect your notebook, so that the photos don’t fall off or get damaged.

And you're done!

Here are some other examples of notebooks I've covered.

I know this DIY is really boring, but I think it makes your notebooks much more interesting, and I need every little bit to get me through a school day. It's also a great way to use any old magazines you have laying around.


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Friday, 13 September 2013

NEW IN: Back To Muji

So I've been back to school for about a week and a half and let me tell you, it's been crazy hectic. So much university stuff to do before deadlines which is why I missed a blog post last week. I will try and queue some posts up this weekend but I'm super busy so we'll have to see.

Anyhow, this is my late back-to-school haul. I went to Muji the day before school started but I realised I needed a couple more things so I went back that weekend. This post probably won't be the most exciting recently I've gotten into shopping for pretty stationery. You might find a reoccurring theme of simple, clear and white:

B5 Spiral Bound Notebook £1.25 (buy online HERE)

I like to use these as planners for both homework and non-homework (e.g. extracurricular activities, meetings etc). I hate carrying around dead weight, my school bag's heavy enough as it is, so I prefer these over the planner they give to us at school since they're super light and small.

*I will be doing a DIY on these soon so look out for that post!

Glue Stick £0.95 (buy online HERE)

Just a small gluestick that's cheap (although I think it's still twice the price of it in Japan).

Acrylic Folding Ruler £2.50 (buy online HERE)

I needed a ruler that was long enough for when I draw graphs in Physics but still portable and this was so perfect. To be honest though, I thought this was only 99p but no regrets.

Earplugs £2.50 (buy online HERE)

Okay, I could have probably gotten these a lot cheaper elsewhere but they were by the till and look how pretty the case is. I find myself distracted a lot when I'm trying to study in anywhere but the library in school so I bought these so that I can block out any background noise. They don't completely block out sound but do a good enough job so that normal talk sounds muffled and doesn't distract me.

Steel Hole Punch £3.50 (buy online HERE)

I've wanted this for ages and finally decided to buy one - my current hole puncher is blunt and this was too perfect and looks great in my room. It also has one of those pull out template paper guides so you don't have to fold your paper in half to get the holes to center.

Scibble Pad £0.90 (buy online HERE)

A cheap and cheerful notepad to scribble down any memos or particularly great for when I'm doing maths homework and need to do any working out.

Office Set Large £5.50 (buy online HERE)

Okay, this was totally overpriced and unnecessary but I bought it only for the hole puncher in the set. I've been looking for one like that for ages: one that's smaller and lighter than a regular hole puncher but still punches two holes. I actually do like the rest of the set as well (as I said, I love anything clear), so it wasn't a total waste of money.

I love Muji products, the simple minimalism is completely up my alley but everything's so overpriced *cries*. Hopefully I'll be able to go to Japan one day and get more things from Muji for way cheaper.

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Sunday, 1 September 2013

TREND: Tartan

Recently I've been seeing tartan everywhere: both in stores and on the streets, and I've heard that it's going to be the hot new trend for AW13.


click on the image above and click on each item for futher info

If you think this pattern's too loud/bold to pull off, try going for more subdued colours, such as the monochromatic shorts or blue and green tartan rather than the bright red. Or, alternatively, you could add in pops of tartan to your outfit via accessories such as the hair scrunchies or umbrella (perfect for the rainy UK). 
When pairing tartan, I find that it goes especially well with leather, whether it be leather jackets, skirts, or boots.

Some inspiration photos:


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Saturday, 24 August 2013

OUTFIT: going to the post office

Shirt dress 
number 13 // White slip H&M

Bag Carvela (used to be my mum's) // Chelsea boots Asos // Casio watch Snooper's Paradise (Brighton)

Frantically trying to wear all of my clothes that would look weird with black tights as the weather in London is getting colder and colder, although today (20.08.13) is quite warm (and yet I'm still wearing sheer tights). 

This dress is one of my aunt's designs that she gifted to me when my cousin came by in May. It didn't come with a slip so I went out and bought a long vest from H&M which worked out as a slip as I'm really short.
I really love the shoulder padding, giving the dress some structure and the sheer sleeves and back, which makes the dress a bit edgier than without.

I went for silver toned jewellery and kept all accessories to a minimum as the halo braid dresses up the outfit anyway and I was only going out to the post office.

Also, as you can see, I managed to save a bit of white wall so be prepared for more outfit posts!


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